Angelfish Breeding:
A gallery of spawning photos


My Angelfish began breeding  or spawning by laying their eggs on an algae cleaning tool that was in my aquarium.  Because of their choice of a breeding and spawning site, I was able to remove the tool and attempt to raise the angelfish fry.  Below is a photo gallery with  thumbnail images of the spawning and breeding process;  larger photos can be viewed by clicking. 

First the angelfish clean the area for several days.  This is a good indicator of future breeding or  spawning. The angelfish are very meticulous in assuring a clean spawning site. The spawning process begins with the female laying her eggs in an upward motion.  The male follows similarly and deposits the sperm, fertilizing the eggs. The breeding process may take a few hours.

The "ballet" between the male and female during the spawning process is nature at its finest.

After the eggs are placed and fertilized, the female will "fan" them to keep fresh water flowing around them as they develop.

This is a close-up view of the female keeping the spawn aerated.

After the eggs are spawned, the male generally plays "sentry" and chases off any fish that move too close to the eggs.

The male angelfish will also occasionally move in and fan the eggs for a brief period.

The ever vigilant male will continue to chase off other aquarium residents.

Because of the constant struggle of keeping other aquarium fish away, the angels may sometimes get frustrated and eat the spawn. 

Therefore it is best to separate the eggs from the angelfish in a jar suspended in the aquarium or in a separate jar with a heater.  You must use an aerator stone to keep fresh water flowing around the eggs.

Continue to Gallery 2: for photos of the angelfish fry. 

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